I had a flare that lasted almost three weeks starting at the beginning of May. It was excruciating and my mother and husband had to alternate staying home with me to make sure I ate, etc. My rhematologist who could not see me during the flare did some blood tests last week to prove that it was more likely a fibromyalgia flare and not a lupus flare. (I was diagnosed 10 years ago and the pain was very different than the FMS flares I've had in the past) It was by far the worst I've ever had. I only tell you this to ask this question.

I know that some blood tests indicate a flare, however by the time she did them I was back to my normal level of everyday pain. Most of the tests have come back negative. How long would it take for your blood tests to go back to normal if you have an SLE flare? When the pain goes back to normal do your blood test results?

Thanks for any help!