Hi, I just found this site thanks to a nurse practioner friend of mine. Originally 3 yrs ago I got sick and couldnt seem to get better after 2 rounds of antibiotics I finally developed pnemonia. Shortly after that I developed what we thought was seizures of some sort. I was having this tingling burning sensation in the back of my head at the base then I would just fog out. I lost all my energy and did not get it back. I had an episode at my chiro who sent me to er they then referred me the next day to neurologist. Originally he dx'd me with lupus sle. Then he sent me on my way to a family doctor who decided that since the second test was neg that it fibromyalgia. So Ihave been being treated for those symptoms ever since. Problem is I have frequent and severe oral and nasal ulcers as well as frequent and severe thrush. I have alot of pain in joints mainly back, shoulders, elbows, knees and feet. I have yet to be able to get the pain undercontrol. I also suffer from frequent migraines. They did a sleep study and they know that I have very bad PLMD and RLS. I am currently in some sort of flare major oral ulcers and very painful thrush as well as the all over joint pain and brain fog. My NP friend says my symptoms sound more like lupus and he thinks they should explore that more as I have a consistently elevated sed rate and lupus anticoagulant. I dont know which it is fibro or lupus all I know is I am not getting any better and I need help. Any thoughts?