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Thread: Just a little venting

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    Default Just a little venting

    I am at my wits end. Besides the fact that I ache all over, I cannot get the swelling to go away. My ankles, feet, and legs are so swollen. The GP has me on lasix 40mg and its still not working. I am wheezing again and the feeling of heavy bricks being placed on my chest is back along with the sharp stabbing pains. My sister n law just complains that I don't ever want to do anything or go anywhere anymore. Its like I want to tell her...."it hurts to walk and I can't fit in any shoes right now except for house slippers...try being me." Everyone thinks just b/c they know someone with Lupus that does well then you should do just fine too. For one thing she only sees that family member when theres a death in the family. For another, she isnt there to see her bad days.

    As I sit here I just want to cry. I am so tired of being sick all the time. I go see the rheumie on the 27th but I feel like I cant wait that long. I need to go now.

    Im supposed to wear those medical stockings b/c of the vasculitis, but my legs and all are to swollen to get them on. When I do wear them they leave bruises on my legs and cause me to have charlie horses. Feels like they cut off circulation at the knees.

    I don't know. Guess I'm just having a bad day today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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    Hi Lis-B,
    Hang in there - I'm sure all of us on this list know how you feel. It happened to me this weekend. I was feeling pretty good Saturday morning, so I did some housecleaning. Then when my daughter Kayla asked me to go with her to the Mall to help her search for the perfect pair of shoes for a big night out, I happily went along. I hobbled along on my cane and had a great time. She found her shoes and I splurged on a great new outfit for my vacation. I paid for my fun big-time the next day. When I woke up on Sunday morning, I couldn't straighten my right leg. I was in tremendous pain and felt really worthless all day. I felt really bad that Jeff had to wait on me on HIS father's day.
    Here is what my daughters have proposed to me, and perhaps you should suggest it to your sister-in law. My youngest, Meghan, wants me to go shopping with her on her day off. The girls have decided that,whether I like it or not, they will rent a wheelchair for me. I feel slightly concerned about putting my safety in Meg's hands, but it should be fun!
    Take care of yourself,

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