Recently, I have started having problems with my right foot. I broke the baby toe a short while ago and, for some reason, that part of my right foot has been deformed ever since! My right foot constantly burns (I do have Peripheral Neuropathy, but that always affects both of my feet at the same time, while this does not); it keeps going weird colours (blue, yellow, red, etc.) when the other foot looks completely normal; my right foot is almost constantly ice-cold (colder than the left foot and although I have Raynaud's, this cold and blueness affects the entire right foot, not just the extremities and it doesn't affect the left foot at the same time, unlike my Raynaud's), even when my foot is burning; the right foot keeps spasming and it often looks far more swollen than the left foot, etc. The other day, I was washing under my right foot and even though I could feel with my hand that the soap had been completely washed off, it still felt as if there was soap on my foot for quite a while afterwards! :x I have also noticed that there is less hair growing on the bottom of my right leg, as compared to my left leg, which seems VERY odd to me? :?

Does anyone have ANY idea what this might be?!

I did speak to my G.P. about it and he thought that I might be having some type of nerve problem in the right foot? I am going to see the Neurologist on Wednesday 4th July; hopefully, she will have some idea what this is! The pain is ridiculous, so I sincerely hope that she can help me!

Thanks and keep well!