Here is one that I haven't seen on this list yet. The ENT just told me that I have Spasmodic Dysphonia. Has anyone else had to deal with this one? I've been "losing my voice" all through this past school year. I've been short of breath, and my voice has been weak, breathy, and have had tremors in my voice. My husband says that I speak like a little old lady. It has been getting progressively worse. The doc. says that it is caused by a spasm in my vocal chords, which is ultimately a neurological problem. (I wonder if it's related to the tingling in my toes, which is supposed to be neurological, too?) He wants me in for more testing, then he said that the treatment for it is Botox injected into the vocal chords through the neck. This does not sound like a fun time to me! Please, please respond if you have ever dealt with this, especially those injections. Most things don't bother me much, but I'm quaking in my boots at the thought of this!