Glad I could be of a little help- maybe you guys could help ME out some.

Yes! The loss of sensation is related. When I decided something was REALLY wrong w/ me, after the first 3 mos. of one bizarre symptom after another, was the day that I sat at the computer for less than 10 min., and when I went to get up, I fell right back in the floor. I thought I'd tripped over the leg of the chair or something(I'm graceful like that). I didn't even realize that I had absolutely NO feeling in my legs/feet at all, until I twice, tried to stand again.

I get terrible pains in my feet when I lie down at night sometimes- and they feel as if bugs are crawling on them. This is just the nerves coming back to life, as the blood flow begins to reoxygenate the nerve endings.

Also, some days, when I stand, it feels like my knees aren't strong enough to support me, and my legs feel like their full of cement.

Also, I forgot to mention- I did a Google image search for them & got some ridiculous photos of EXTREME cases. Mine are not like that either.