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Thread: Young and scared . . .

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    Hi Fanficbug!

    I'm SO sorry to hear about your diagnosis problems :cry:, but I understand because my doctors haven't decided quite what's wrong with me either! They just know that I have some type of auto-immune disease, but which one(s) (apart from Sjogren's Syndrome, which I definitely have), they simply don't know!

    I have Asthma too. With regard to the rash on your arms which you mention, it might be Photosensitive Dermatitis, which is something I suffer from. However, I think that a Dermatologist has to diagnose it. Check it out:

    Fanficbug, you can post wherever you want to! Loads of people on this Forum have not been diagnosed with Lupus (including me), although it is a possibility for them, so PLEASE don't feel like you cannot post anywhere else!

    Keep well!

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    Default young also

    Hi I am 20 and new to this too. I am not yet diagnosed, but have also been getting the run around. I also had "mono" last year for a week and then went back to my usual self. I am so glad that I still do live with my parents because of college, and my father was in the military so my bills are manageable. When I called to find out test results, I talked to a nurse who explained that I tested positive and I was being referred to a specialist. When I saw my doctor this morning, she just told me the same thing and said she was 90% sure it was lupus. She never explained it. I was so mad. But I hope that all works out well for you and you can be diagnosed in a timely manner!

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