last october i went to the dr. for numbness and pain in my jaw and i was referred to a neuro. i had an MRI done and they found lesions on my brain and thought i was MS after 6 months and a new MRI nothing changed so MS was ruled out and i was diagnosed w/ migraines. when i had both MRIs dones i had blood taken and my ANA was high on both of them and after my second blood tests i was referred to a rheumotologist. At that time i had paint in my joints and a rash, my vision have been going bad and i still had that numbness. He took more blood work it came back as mixed tissue disease but he ruled 3 out b/c they came back negative but lupus came back positive in my blood work. so he ordered more blood work june 6th. i haven't gotten the results from that yet. he prescribed hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) and i just started that on Friday. I was scared when i first heard lupus but when h e said that my blood was okay and my kidneys were okay i felt somewhat better. i go back in 4 months to see how the medication is working.
that is my story.