ok.. I am unsure how to describe what is going on.. but i will give it a shot so bare with me.. I am on methotrexate and plaquenyl and i don't know if it is from the meds.. or if it is just part of this thing... i will get red places.. so far just on my feet.. but it will be along the side of my foot.. sometimes near a joint.. or sometime just like down the bone on the side.. and it gets really really red and swollen.. but to touch it it is mushy like a bruised peach or something.. it isn't tight.. mushy?? it is gross.. and some of the times it itches really really really bad.. but of course it hurts to itch it? what is that? i just got the ankles under control.. they were swelling so big i couldn't walk... but since the metho i am doing better with the feet.. cept this? anyone have any ideas?