I have a family history of early heart disease between the ages of 46 and 56. Mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother (father's mother). My fathers side, and lifestyle. My Mom's side...body did not produce enough good HDL to remove the LDL.

Also diabetes...Type 2..Grandma (father's Mom), father, sister and brother and high blood pressure.

Do you think with this family medical history it will affect the progression of my SLE? Affecting a major organ...heart, kidneys, plaque build up?

My mother died of cancer at 59.

I tried to research it, but came up empty. Seems logical it would...

I do not have high blood pressure. Actually, low to average. Usually, 105/60 I have a slow heartbeat at resting. 58-60bpm. Last blood work....Glucose at fasting was 79 and HDL 87 LDL 51. Do you think this will all change and my numbers will increase?

I plan to ask my Rheumatologist on my next visit but that is in 25 days but I was curious if anyone had any info on it....

Thank you.
Keep well,