When my son had to go on a gluten and dairy free diet, I figured I'd go on it too, to see if it helped. First I eliminiated dairy. I noticed that after years of daily low grade fevers, my fevers were better. I still had fatigue and other symptoms, but not fevers. Then I stopped the gluten. The effects of that were more subtle and took longer. But I was definitely better. I did the elimination 100% I have made a few mistakes over the years--once I had a cookie every day that I thought was gluten free, but it wasn't. Sure enough, my symptoms came back. It takes a few days to get the dairy out of your system once you stop it. The gluten takes about 3 months to notice a difference. Its not easy, but it has been worth it. Incidentally, we all also stopped artificial additives and try to eat organic. Kids with autism go on this diet so their web sites have a lot of info it.