I noticed i've been getting more symptoms with my Lupus, and this was a little before I started medication, so I know it's not from that.

My sinus's have been getting really dry lately, and bleeding a little bit. I know it's summer, but it just doesn't seem normal for me. They are also itchy a lot, and I think there might be a sore. It's painful though, and I thought the sores you get from Lupus weren't suppose to hurt?

I've been getting diarrhea, and sometimes I feel constipated.

My throat is ALWAYS sore, i'm not sure if it's my lymph node or my tonsils, but either or it makes my throat sore.

My ears hurt a lot too, i've had trouble hearing a bit etc, i'm wondering if I might have a possible autoimmune inner ear disorder.

I'm just worried, I get scared when I get new symptoms.