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    hi there.
    in my latest tests the results show red cells in my urine. I probably have hemolitic anemia due to my lupus, but so far the urine tests were question is, since the amount of red cells is 223 (upper limit should be 18!!!!!!!!) could it be an error from the laboratory? Is it possible to have such an ematuria? Do i have to be worried or it is common in sle?

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    Hematuria with Lupus is generally the result of inflammation in the kidneys or lupus nephritis. The number of Red Blood Cells identified in the urine sediment is dependent, in part, upon the technique used in performing the urinalysis. The exact number of Red Blood Cells normally excreted into the urine has been difficult to establish. However, three to eight Red Blood Cells per HPF would be accepted by most investigators as an acceptable dividing point between normal and abnormal hematuria. Most labes set normal values at 4 RBC/HPF or less. Note: RBC/HPF = red blood cells per high power field (a microscopic exam).
    Your doctor may want to run some additional tests to see if there is kidney involvment or if you may be showing symptoms of Lupus nephritis.

    Please let us know what your doctors say and how you are feeling!

    Peace and Blessings

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    Yes - you should be getting kidney function tests done as well. And if your doctor doesn't see that it's a necessity after finding RBCs in the urine, then you need a different doc.

    I'm passionate about this because my first symptom of Lupus was anemia and my first doc said "we have to find out what is causing this hemolytic anemia." Well, if they would have done some kidney function tests, it would have been clear I had Lupus Nephritis and I could have had much less kidney damage and not needed as much treatment for as long. A Rheumy even told me that there is no reason a young, healthy woman should have had as severe anemia with no cause.

    I wish you luck! I hope you get this figured out soon. Let me know if you have more questions. Also, I still am anemic, even though my kidneys are functioning normally again, but the chronic damage seems to have inhibited my body's ability to create erythropoetin, necessary for making RBCs. However, now that my kidneys are back in check, the anemia isn't nearly so bad, and it's controllable (I take ProCrit to help)

    Thinking of you.........

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