Hello to everyone ....from Las Vegas. I work with a woman named Sandra. Her daughter Nicole is 28 years old and has lupus. I do not really know Nicole too well, she has been homebound and her mother takes care of her and Nicole's children (2 under 10 and one 12). Two weeks ago, Nicole became very, very ill and was rushed to emergency. She has been in ICU ever since. She has had 4 platelet transfusions (that might not be the right term but hopefully you know what I mean - the count was 11), she is on a ventilator now, and now has kidney and some heart problems. It seems to me that the Doctors are not really sure and from what I have been reading, I can see that Lupus is very, very complex and affects everyone differently so I am trying to get some informationa and support for the mom. She was also very swollen and they did exploratory surgery. The mother is running on empty, she has taken one shower in 2 weeks and is at the hospital non-stop - the great- grandmother has taken the kids & the doctor says that even if she comes out of this, it is only 10% of the problem.

There is not a Lupus support chapter in Las Vegas. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could obtain some moral support for the mom. She is not thinking clearly and the Doctors keep wanting to perform more andmore procedures. SHe tries to reason it out but as you know, many people are intimidated by Doctors and since they are so busy, you only get blocks of 5 or 10 minutes with them so she needs to be prepared, I call her constantly since I know she is all alone and I am hoping that some of you can direct me further. Also, is there any financial support available? The Mom is behind in everything and I know this is weighing heavily on her mind.

I told Sandra that I was going to see if I could get someone to talk to her that knows about Lupus and it's complications and she said that would be so much appreciated.

Since she is at the hospital right now, you can write to me at chelliesee@hotmail.com and I would sort of become the go between to give out and receive phone numbers.

Thanks for any assistance/referrals

PS- I was really amazed reading some of these posts - God Bless you all.