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    Default newbe to lupus

    Hi my name is Rosanna and have recently been diagnosed with discoid lupus erythematosus .
    For the last 6 years doctors have been treating me for dermatomyositis but recently seem to think it is lupus.
    Has any one had the same experience?.
    It all seemed to start after haveing hepititus ,polio,and typhord injections before going on holiday to Turkey 6 years ago.
    The facial rashes are the bit that bugs me ,I feel people are stareing at me .
    Does anyone know if fake sun tan cream helps or any other sort of make up?
    I am 62 and would like the wrinkles to go as well but i dont think that is posible.

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    Hi Rosanna,
    Welcome to the board. I am relatively new here, too--and there is so much support and information, I'm sure you'll get a lot from being here, too.

    I wish I had some help for you... but I have no idea But trust me--someone will have info for you.

    I did hear a study that quoted autoimmune diseases being linked to immunizations (usually childhood)... but the study pretty much ended with "well, you have to have immunizations... so the few that end up with autoimmune problems are still better off with the immunizations rather than not...")

    I'm interested to find out what others post here.

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    Because there are many types of vaccinations, many different vaccination schedules, and many differences among Lupus patients, there are no definitive answers to your questions. However, a number of specific studies provided some general answers. In general, those answers are:
    Vaccination does not cause Lupus or Lupus flares.
    Vaccinations do not worsen Lupus.
    Vaccinations are generally effective in patients who are not taking high doses of prednisone or immunosuppressive drugs.
    Vaccinations are not dangerous for persons with Lupus, except: live-virus and bacterium vaccinations are dangerous for, and are contraindicated in, patients who take high doses of prednisone or immunosuppressive drugs, or who have very low white blood cell counts or are otherwise Immunocompromised.

    I hope that all of the above is true because I just took my travelers vaccinations because we are going out of the country next month. My rheumatologist insisted that I take them (along with two different prescriptions for anti-biotics to take with me) before we leave. I truly hope that it does not worsen my symptoms or cause a flare!!
    Now I'm A Bit Nervous!


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