ok.. i am on my 9th week of methotrexate.. and yesterday i went outside to keep my husband company while he was building a barn.. i sat to the side.. and after probably less than an hour i got me an umbrella and stayed in the shade.. however.. i burnt on my legs and one arm so bad.. it looks like i was out ALL DAY.. I couldn't walk this morning..
seriously we were surprised at the severity of the burn.. i just wasn't out there exposed that long! i am fair.. but my goodness! could this med have cause me to be more sensitive to the sun.. i also take plaquenyl..
i also went to bed with a really stiff neck and spine pain.. like a terrible crick that i still have today.. stayed home from work cause i didn't think clothes would be a good idea on my legs.. hoping to go tomorrow.. do you think the sun caused me to have a FLARE that showed up in my neck and back? just trying to understand this weird thing that is going on with my body! wander if that is possible.?