utenutter wrote:
yeah i still work full time, i work as a printer. lupus is starting to affect my work situation as i run a process where we use intense uv light to cure our coatings over the print and i started getting majour breakouts of the rash on my face when i run this process, i curretntly have a letter from my doctor saying i cant run it but they seem as they still want me to run, they really don't understand where i am coming from.

As I write I am bedridden with a classic lupus 'flare'. Here for 3 days now, or is it 4. Headache, fatigue, shaking hands, pain, depression. The usual.
I've been getting worse over the last 3 weeks, and I've had a few days off sick already.

This morning I emailed the "boss" (I'm a contractor actually) to say I wouldnt be in today (2nd day). Email reply was: "We need to discuss the terms of your contract."

Oh yes here we go again.

Ok so I call him up, and politely express my dissapointment at his disability discrimination (etc, etc), that I'm not in any condition to discuss anything with him, except that I would like an apology.

Him: "Umm, no. At least I want to give you an apology face to face".

Me: "You cant apologise over the phone? But you've offended me via email, how come you cant even apologise via email?".

Him: "I like to do these things face to face".

Methinks: Yeah, right. Sure pal. Sounds like a condition to your apology. We'll I guess I've just extinguished my only obligation to resolve the matter myself before dragging him off the the Equal Opportunity Commission. My formal complaint will be emailed overnight. Of course the justice is only token - the EOC does not award damages and the financial penalties are very light ($250-$2500) compare with what this will cost me.

I spent the rest of this afternoon looking for my next contract - disability discrimination is usually always fatal to a contract. I rang up an agent at 530pm and he'll be calling me tomorrow morning for me to decide which position I'd like like. At the moment my skills are currently in high demand. So I dont have to put up with people like this (at the moment, that is).

But I really despise these cowardly scum who take my illness into account in making decisions about "our contract" . Its bad enough my having this condition. I dont need these people to make my life hell. Its already hell.

Nuff said for now. I'll keep you all posted.