Depression or just a case of the blues...

What is depression to you?

:x :cry: :sleeping: :bad-words: :cry:

Well for me it's:

sadness and gloom

:cry: spells of crying (often without a cause)

:evil: suicidal thoughts...not wanting to go on, or even attempting suicide

stopping medications

:sleeping: insomnia or restless sleep, or sleeping too much- taking anything to put me to not to have to face my gloomy day/ life

loss of appetite, having to remind myself to eat

:changes: anxiety- wanting to leave the house, going outside and turning back around

irritability and being very moody for no reason

pushing away friends and family

feelings of guilt or regret

ops: low self-esteem, when I'm usually very outgoing and very confident

:twisted: calling myself a loser and asking who in the world would want me

:x being single and depressed...wondering if i will ever marry and bare children- already one miscarriage and not able to heal from that heartbreak

dating and!...who wants to date someone who they think is dying...just because the illness can be fatal

inability to concentrate

diminished memory and recall- having to write almost everything down

indecisiveness -coulda, woulda, shoulda...maybe

lack of interest in things formerly enjoyed

severe fatigue -staying in bed for days at a time

That commercial is right...depression does hurt! Mentally & physically...

And having a family who doesn't 'believe' in depression...they think if you take meds...then you are crazy. They say 'pray about it' and think depression will leave.

Always having migraines, inability to handle and cope with stress. Wanting to live life, but not having the energy to do it. Constant body aches and pains. Indigestion, diarrhea, anything and everything to deal with and not knowing how to just live and not simply exist.

Having Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Accelerated Chronic Hypertension, Severe Migraines...and what ever else wants to be added to the list of things to live with... And people wonder why sometimes I get you kidding me!