These are the links I have for locating free or low-cost medical clinics, and prescription assistance programs. I will try to post additional links to individual state resouces when i have a chance. If anyone else has a link to more resources for locating medical care, please post in this thread.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Primary Health Care

National Free Clinic Directory

Unite for Sight Free Clinic Database

Edited to add more links:

Teaching hospitals' programs for the uninsured:

Actors' Fund of America's Health Insurance Resource Center
Health care resources by state

Men's Health Network - free/low-cost health care resources

State and Regional Free Clinic Associations

University of Iowa free clinic directory

Free Clinics of Iowa

Michigan Free Clinic Directory

Michigan - Additional free clinics

North Carolina Association of Free Clinics

Ohio Association of Free Clinics

Pennsylvania Health Care Access Guide


West Virginia Association of Free Clinics

Virginia Association of Free Clinics

Free Clinics of the Great Lakes Region

Low cost/free clinics Southern California

New York City Free Clinic

Washington, DC free clinic

Common Ground Health Clinic, New Orleans, LA

Community Health, Chicago, IL

San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium


Rx Assist Directory of Patient Assistance Programs (Prescription Drugs)

Partnership for Prescription Assistance