Hi Marycain!

Yes, my Gynaecologist is almost convinced that I have Endometriosis, but it has not been verified via Laparoscopy and my Gynae. says that she won't go glibly into the abdomen of a sixteen year old girl (thank goodness!), so we are just treating it symptom wise with Yasmin (also for an endocrine problem) and lots of Synflex when I menstruate.

Yes, I have severe allergies; I am on Zyrtec (since age six) and Nasonex at the moment. That's certainly possible.

Guess what?! Now, I have Chickenpox! :x We know what it is because I had Chickenpox when I was seven years old and I gave it to my mother. Also, it is going around and for some odd reason, a very large amount of people have recently become infected. :? I have been in contact with people who are now infected with the virus, as well.

Keep well!