Todd, you've received some really great advice from Marycain. I can't add anything except to tell you that I'm thinking of you and praying for you and your family. I've been really sick with this disease, but I have never experienced what you're going through. I only know how disheartened I've felt when one symptom after another got me down. I understand - and I wish I could just make it go away for you.

Teriod and Marcain are right, Todd. Panic and stress are not your friend - they will make the lupus worse. I hope you can find a way to bring your stress level down and take it one day (maybe one hour) at a time. Your docs will find the right combination of meds for you - just hang in there. It WILL make a difference.

We're here for you - if it helps to post your feelings and vent, do it whenever you have the urge and the energy. There are so many on this board who will understand what you're going through - we're here to support you in whatever way we can. Just stay in touch - if you can't post yourself, maybe your wife can keep us up to date.

We'll all be thinking of you.....