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Thread: Livedo reticularis?

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    Default Livedo reticularis?

    I had posted several weeks ago in the "introduce yourself" section. I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me for some time now.

    Some background:

    I had a baby 14 months ago and ever since I have had all kinds of strange issues. 1st of all I developed severe preeclampsia at the end of my pregnancy. I was told that my kidney and liver bloodwork was not good. My BP at delivery was 165/115. This will normally return to normal after delivery, but with me that was not the case. I was kept in the hospital for 6 days and finally sent home on BP meds for several months before my BP seemed to get better.

    About 2 months later I had some bloodwork done for a life insurance physical. It came back showing elevated levels with my liver profile. I had my family dr repeat these the following month and they tell me they were normal.

    Anyway, since then I have had a red rash on my face, upper arms and legs - it doesn't itch but is constant. I am extremely fatigued - I blamed it on lack of sleep due to a new baby, but now 14 months later it hasn't subsided. I started having pain in my joints - particularly hips and knees last fall. I get frequent headaches and I am extremely irritable. I also get frequent ulcers (or canker sores?) in my mouth and had a boil for the 1st time last week (ouch!)

    I saw my dr with these complaints last fall - she tested for Lupus, RA and Lyme disease. All normal.

    I returned to her again yesterday as these symptoms have only gotten worse. She noticed that my legs along with the rash, now have a mottled lacy appearance. She told me it was called Livedo reticularis. She said that they often see this with Parvovirus - the virus that causes 5ths disease in children. I told her that my son did have this back in the fall.

    So she took a bunch more bloodwork - comprehensive metabolic profile, CBC, TSH, Parvovirus titer, and another Lyme titer.

    When I got home I googled Livedo reticularis. And sure enough, every site said it was commonly seen with autoimmune disorders such as Lupus? As well as several other scary things!

    Sorry that was so long! But does anyone else have this? And do you think this along with everything else that is going on points to Lupus, despite a negative ANA?

    I am sure that all the bloodwork she did will come back fine and I'll be back where I was before...

    Thanks for reading!


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    I've had LR several times in the past - it comes and goes in spells - gets worse in winter and goes away in summer. But LR is actually fairly common in women, especially in their thirties and forties. It can be associated with lupus and other autoimmune diseases, but can also occur sometimes with no underlying medical reason. Except in severe instances where the circulation is impaired, it doesn't require any medical treatment other than protecting your skin from cold. Since it is not one of the diagnostic criteria for lupus, unfortunately, it doesn't really change your diagnostic situation. I know it's very hard to be in limbo, but until you have your lab results back, there is not much else you can do. Hopefully your doctor will be able to give you more information once he or she has reviewed your labs.

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    Default Negative ANA

    My ANA is negative and 2 different doctors diagnosed me with Lupus saying it can take awhile to show in some people's blood. The main reason they gave me the diagnosis was I had fevers, blood in my urine and photosensivity along with all the fatigue, etc. associated with Lupus. I was told mine was a variant that affects my connective tissue.

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