I'm very frustrated with my mom. She is in the hospital again and it's mostly her own fault this time because she's not staying on the machine the long enough to get her full treatments. She demands to be taken off anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour early.

She went into the hospital with difficutly in breathing and it wasn't getting any better, nothing showing up on the x-rays....so when she had her dialysis in the hospital on Tuesday, they pulled off 8 kilos (about 18.5 pounds) of fluid. She could breathe after that and is doing very well now.

My mom has never wanted to share my time - through out my life. We used to fight because I wanted to do after school activities and was very active in color guard and band. I have spent my entire life taking care of her....but when she's in the hospital she knows I will come every night after work to see her and see how she's doing. When she's at the nursing home, I go 3 evenings and 1 full day to be with her.

I suck at setting boundaries with my mom, and telling her no. It's taking a toll on my relationship with my husband. We fight about it a lot, which I feel is unfair (I didn't say a word about the time he spent with his parents when they were ill and even drove over the road by myself for over 3 months so he could be at home with his dad.) - but that's another story...

We are going to be going out of town on May 12th and won't be back until May 19th. It's our honeymoon that we never got and our second wedding anniversary.

I feel like a tug toy between my mom and my husband. Neither one wanting to be understanding of my time....or the need for time for me!