Ok, I'm going to rant here..
I can honestly say that my family doctor knows nothing about Lupus. Almost 4 years ago I went to see my doctor because I was having some severe joint pain, and it wasn't going away. I was always tired and had many of the signs on Lupus. I can remember now having the butterfly rash when I was in grade school (age 13-14), photosensitivity, joint pain (mild though), mood swings, you name it, i had it! Anyways, The pain was getting worse and I couldn't take it anymore so I went to see my family doctor. First she thought I had mono, which I did not. Then she thought it was this and that and everything under the sun. she even thought i might have leukemia. So after many tests, my blood work came back a little 'off'. My mom had mentioned getting a second opinion so I went to see another doctor who thought I had SLE or fibromyalgia.
My doctor had even told me that she didn't know much about Lupus. My mom had sugggested seeing a specialist. NOW: Here i was, a 15 year-old Canadian. So we make an appointment set for the NEXT YEAR! that's right, it took me a year to get in to see a specilaist.
In London, the specialist told me I have not only Lupus, but Fibromyalgia as well. (thank goodness there's a smart doctor out there). however, she did not want to label me as havign Lupus at such a young age. She wanted to see me develop more and come back to see her.
So I have not seen thiss doctor for 3 years now. My doctor has said a few times that she would call to make me an appointment, but it never happened. So now, next week, I will be going to see my family doctor and making it very clear that i better have an appointment in London - SOON.

I have tried EVERY non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, pain killing drug there is and none of them have worked. My mother and I suggested prednisone and she looked at us like we were on glue or something! She said 'oh no, Bianca should not be put on prednisone, the side-effects are too dangerous (hip damage, blah blah blah) but we said, we didn't care. I would deal with it later in life if it came to that, but right now, in the present, I can't deal with the pain and effects of Lupus.
She didn't want to hear it, so I'm waiting on my appointment for London, which without a doubt, will probably be for next year.

If anyone can please tell me if they had to go through this with their doctor as well, and what kind of meds they found beneficial, that would be GREATLY appreciated.

Again, sorry for the long rant, I needed to let it out!

Thank you in advance,

- Bianca