This rash has been growing for years.

The first incident I noticed was when I was 18 years old; a tiny red dot appeared under my right eye. It has grown over the past twenty years, but it is not large.

Over the years several other red dots and spots have appeared all over my body. Sometimes they itch. I've learned not to scratch them or pick them. When picked they just bleed, and grow.

I had a particularly bothersome one removed around 1999. It was on the back of my leg (which is why it was so bothersome) and I had tried to remove it myself (not a good idea). It grew substantial depth from my fiddlin' with it. The dermatologist who removed it said it was non-cancerous, just one of those things.

That particular area remains red spot free. But as I said, dots and spots have turned up on other areas of my body: my back, under my breast, my stomach, a couple on my face and neck.

Anyway, my reason for posting this is to see if there is anyone else who experiences this type of rash, and if so, what's known about it.