Friday I noticed that my hand itched like mad, and then shortly after the itch started, I developed a blister that then broke open and became this nasty brown looking sore, and it is in a really weird spot...on the side of my hand the fatty part by my pinky finger? :?

I sometimes get these same weird sores on my index fingers, they start out kinda like blisters, and then these icky brown looking sores.

I didn't burn myself on anything so its weird to me that I just blister up and then it turns to a sore, not with puss or anything just a blister then the sore.

Is this something that just happens to me, or does anyone else experience this similar situation?

I am going to my moms for a week to decompress and relax away from the kids, and stress here at home, I know its never good to run from your problems, but I need to get away, I think it will help me I just need a break, so I will read these responses when I get home either Thursday night or Friday all have been so much help so far!