I need some emotional support.
In June i went to the doctor for the first time in 12 years.
My youngest son has had 12 heart surgeries and my husband had heart surgery last february and we had a fire in our apartment 3 days later. My oldest son wanted to do something alone with me for the first time in 9 years and he wanted to get his scuba diving certificate. I said i would but b/c i have a history of a pulmonary bleb and small pneumothorax and asthma i thought it would be best to go to a pulmonologist and make sure it was ok.
WEll, he had me get pfts which were perfect and a ct scan.
The ct scan report came back axillary lymphadenopathy suggestive of immunocompromise ( i have no doubt i must have some immune suppression from so much stress and no sleep for all these years) and ground glass opacities (interstitial lung disease). The pulmonologist on the phone says to me "yup you have AIDS we see this all the time". Needless to say i didn't get the HIV test b/c i have no risk of AIDS at least not in the last 15 years of monogamous marriage and husband testing neg with his heart surgery. Almost every family member and extended family member has autoimmune disease. Including aunt and sister with lupus. I had the ct scan read by another pulmonologist and radiologist and they both said it was normal!!!!! so i don't know what to think. I'm so scared now and terrified of being brain raped more. 90 days after the first disease mongering the first pulmonologist calls and tells me if it isn't AIDS it's cancer. Does anyone have any experience with axillary lyphadenopathy with lupus. I have never felt these lymph nodes. I just have two very tiny ones in my neck for a long time. I started vitamins and supplements - everything to boost my immune system and i started getting more symptoms of lupus. I dont' know what to do at this point. I cry everyday and i'm a mess emotionally and mentally. I know the HIV test can be false positive with autoimmune diseases. Has anyone experienced this? A big reason i don't need to have it!!!!