What I found with antinausea drugs and methotrexate..they seem to work for a week or two, then I needed something else. I guess my body acclimated to the antinausea drug, or perhaps it was the upping of the dosages that did it.
My point here is MAKE YOUR DOCTOR UNDERSTAND if your antinausea meds don't work. For me, it was always worse the 2nd or 3rd day after I took the weekly dose. It was like having a stomach flu for half my week, then feeling basically ok the rest of the time. The methotrexate is working, but...at what cost?
I keep lots of popsicles on hand, also clear liquids ( I find my tummy can handle toast with broth well) and ginger tea. Try not to "rush" your stomach on regular foods when you quit feeling nauseous; fatty foods or spicy foods are a no-no.
best of luck to you. Love, Kathy