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Thread: sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but need some

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    Default sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but need some

    Hi Im new here just stumbled across this board while doing some research on the net. I have no idea whats wrong with me if anything. my situation is this.

    I have had my urine tested for infections and what not for years now and always comes back negative but always has blood in the urine. but not to the naked eye. now I know my iron has come back on the low side for awhile now but not to low. so now my dr,s called me and want to send me to a urineoligist or something like that to find out why theres always blood in the urine when I have these urine samples done. does anyone have any ideas what could cause this for so long? oh and I forgot to mention just another thing its probally not even related but I have been experienceing this thing with the tops of my hands just where the veins are they start to brews not all the time but a few weeks ago both hands were brewsed on the top just where the vein is and my arm gets like a weird numbing feeling at times Im just wondering to I seem to be having alot of menstral type cramps that type of feeling but its not just when you get your period I have this feeling all the time its not bad cramps just there my dr. never seemed to concerned though I heard theres something called the butterfly rash in people with this , so I dont think thats what I have. I started getting this condition on my face I dont know what it is my mom says it looks like rosaysha because its both my cheeks and usually my nose are always red usually really red but its always there I started noticing this many years ago but never had it checked. you can see the veins in my face where its red too now my youngiest child who is 15 months old has the same thing hers is really bad though and covers both her cheeks and nose. I got special cream for her but dosent help nothing seems to the redness sometimes may go to my neck but that comes and goes but my face is perminately red

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    There are a lot of conditions that could cause you to have blood in your urine, including an inflammation of the bladder called cystitis. So if you are having this all the time, you really do need to see a urologist, which is a doctor that specializes in problems with the urinary tract. They will probably want to do some specialized tests, including examining the inside of your bladder with an instrument called a cystoscope. This lets the doctor see if there is anything unusual going on that might be causing the blood in your urine.

    Have you talked to your doctor about the other symptoms you are having? Have you had any blood tests done?

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