Hello to everyone here.
I have just joined you all, as the wife of a lupus sufferer, from Australia.
It has taken months for us to finally get through to the medical fraternity that my husband Kevin has lupus.
I did mention this possibility to his GP and also to my GP and was told by my GP, that no, his problem wouldn't be Lupus and Kevin's own Dr. ignored my thoughts. It doesn't take Einstein to work out that this is a possibility though, when his Aunt has it and one of our son's also has it, at the age of 30, so for the last 9 months, Kevin has had to suffer greatly, with and inflamed pericardium, which was treated as a warning heart attack, then mild seizures one day and night, that were put down to his medication, that he has taken for the last 9 yrs without any problems.
Finally, when the rash on his face became very, very obvious and the photos that I took of them were ignored, I went onto the computer and did some research, then presented it to his Dr. along with some blood test results. I had already started him on Prednisolone, which he had taken on and off for years, for asthma, and with the evidence that I had found, plus what was quite obvious and had been for months, she agreed with me and he is now improved greatly.
I do think that he has had this for a number of years, but the Prednison treatment for asthma has kept in under control. However, with the episodes of cancer, a staph infection when he had the biopsy, then a big operation for the prostate cancer, his sister passing away while he was in hospital, then his brother in law dying of lung cancer, had all caught up with him and really bought on a flare up.
Now he has to learn to wear long sleeves and long trousers in the sun, which in our part of the world is rather hot in summer, and not to overdo things, as he breaks out is major sweats if he gets too hot.
Anyway, enough of my raving on.
It is great to have somewhere to go to talk over the frustrations of this disease and to know that you will all know where I am coming from.