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    Default nephritis V

    Hi everyone,

    I was told I have lupus in 2000. I did not believe my doctor and did not take anything until 2005 when my joint pain got very bad. since then I have been on plaqueneil which almost made all the joint pain gone away. Then they found protein in my urine last fall and last month's biopsy confirmed that I have nephritis V. It seems to me it is one of the worst- a lot of articles talking about survival rates and kidney failtures. However, I don't feel sick and my blood presure, weight are very stable. Instead of puting me on predisone or cellcept, my doctor gave a blood presure pill. I just don't understand. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks a lot.

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    Hi NephritisV!

    Welcome to the Forum! I'm really glad that you found us!

    Please just remember that anytime you need advice, support, information or just to vent or chat, we're all here for you!

    Keep well!

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    Default Welcome

    Sorry to hear about your new progression into Lupus Nephritis, but at least you are now seeking info and looking to take care of yourself.
    The blood pressure medication is supposed to reduce the protein leakage from the kidneys. I am not sure the mechanism, but that is the idea. I take enalapril for that purpose and it has helped my protein leakage significantly in the last few months. I have class III and V myself, and hate the medications, but know they are keeping me safer and healthier in the long run.
    Actually here are the 5 stages of Lupus Nephritis:

    World Health Organization (WHO)
    Classification System for Lupus Nephritis. I think you might have been reading a different set of stages for kidney disease about the kidney failure. I made that mistake when I first got my results. Here you go:

    I Normal - No evidence of lupus nephritis on the kidney biopsy.

    II Mesangial Nephritis - Most mild form of lupus nephritis; typically responds completely to treatment with corticosteroids.

    III Focal Proliferative Nephritis - Very early stage of more advanced lupus nephritis;
    typically treated with high doses of corticosteroids, with excellent outcome.

    IV Diffuse Proliferative Nephritis
    Advanced stage of lupus nephritis with definite risk of loss of kidney function; typically treated with high doses of corticosteriods combined with immunosuppressive drugs.

    V Lupus Membranous Nephropathy
    Generally associated with excessive protein loss and edema; typically treated with high doses of corticosteroids, with or without immunosuppressive drugs.

    So your situation might also benefit from Prednisone, but fortunately it looks like you should not need the immunosuppresives for now. People with Nephritis usually dont feel pain in their kidneys and often dont feel sick or sicker than usual, so don't just wait for that to get proper treatment.
    Good luck,
    Ganesha is:
    *A T11/12 paraplegic since 2000.
    *A colorado medical marijuana patient.
    *As active as possible with handcycling being my primary passion, but Lupus has thrown a wrench in that pursuit for too long.
    *A Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist currently working with an adult with a TBI.
    *And much much more

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