Hi my name is Christine. I was diagnosed with
Glomerulonephritis, Membranoproliferative type 1 when i was 16. The doctor told me i couldn't have kids (would be too dangerous),, wanted me to start prednisone but i was young and dumb and didn't want to deal with the side effects. I became preg in 94 was on bed rest the whole time...again in 98 preg with twins and again a rough pregnancy ...i had alot of problems with joint pain and muscle aches and had no idea what it was from....over the next few years i just dealt with it...I went round and round with the drs this past year with unexplained fevers, joint pain etc....they told me i had lyme disease, strep infection..etc. Finally i saw a rheumy who told me i had LUPUS...My kidney specialist said he doubted that i had it but was going to perform a biopsy to be sure.. to make a long story short he confirmed it and also diagnosed me with lupus nephritis. I am having so many problems with joint pain, fatique, headaches, mood swings. I have so many different medsi just need someone to talk to ...I feel like no one is explaining things to me
Here is the list of meds i am on and why
1. Penicillan 1500mg a day (strep infection that won't go away
aso titer score of 571)
2. Lipitor - cholestorol
3. Lisinopril - high blood pressure
4. plaquenil - lupus
5. cellcept - lupus nephritis
6. prednisone - 40 mg had to stop cause i keep vomiting after i take it
7 celexa- to keep me from going crazy i think haha
8 vitamin, calcium, and acidophilis (because of the antibiotic)
i just wish i had more information. I hate taking all these pills
i feel like a 90 year old lady and i am still in my 20's
If anyone has lupus nephritis please talk to me and share your story i would truely appreciate it.