TAHOHVN.....I too have RAYNAUDS SYNDROME and it can USUALLY be easily taken care of with PROCARDIA XL....the dosage depends on how bad it hits you. IF you stay away from cigarrettes,coffee and chocolate it would be of great help. Raynauds for unknown reason closes the small arteries in your extremeties
usually your hands and feet...BUT beware as one day due to the LUPS it came on so strong it closed ALL the small arteries in my heart thus sending me to the hospital with a CVA...Be carefull with this, though compard to LUPUS it's not half as bad it too can do some serious damage. It can cause you to even lose the tips of your fingers and toes if there is not enough circulation in those areas for a long period of time and can become quite painfull.....get some big warm fuzzy MITTENS,,,not gloves but mitten and keep em on!!!!! Check with your DOC to be sure of any diagnosis. Good Luck and PLEASE take care