My name is Jenny and I work with CarePlace, an online community for people with similar health issues and their caregivers. We have just added new Lupus related communities to the site and really want people to visit and tell us what they think.

As a member of the online Lupus community, I am wondering if you might be willing to visit CarePlace. We are trying to get feedback and suggestions from people as we develop the site. Of course, the more people in each community sharing their experiences will make CarePlace a better place to find support. Our users in other communities have loved it and we are adding new features and content based on what they are telling us.

Some of the unique things you can do on CarePlace - join multiple communities, check out and exchange info on medical conditions and treatments, tell your story, post a journal and form your own group within the site in addition to sharing and supporting.

If you have a minute please visit us at www.CarePlace.com. when you join, feel free to add me as a friend (jend). it would be great to hear your thoughts on the site as an additional resource for your group members.

Thank you!

Jenny (JenD)