So she had to go in today to go over the ultrasound on her kidneys and to go over the blood work and they are saying she needs surgery again. She had surgery on her kidney less than a year ago and they said she should be set for 10 years. The surgery was supposed to correct hemoraging in the tissue and now they are saying it is worse than it was before. The realy reassureing thing is even the dr admitted he is confused. She is still young and her kidney shouldn't have gotten so bad. They are giveing her pregnazone? and more pain meds. She is worried about the pain meds becomeing an issue and doesn't want to get addicted to them. We are going to get at least a second, if not third oppinion before any surgery is scheduled. We have the same blood type (o negative) and i have a realy strong immune system and wonder if she got a transfusion from me if it could help. I have read some cases of restarting the immune system, but wonder if it would help. If their is even a chance that it could do anything to help her i would do it.