Hi -

My name is Jen or Jennifer, whichever you prefer, most call me Jen.....I "finally" got diagnosed with Lupus after years of mis-diagnosis this last January. I have a great rheumo i see about 80 miles north of me. This started several years ago, but i have had many medical problems so I think the docs thought maybe a complication of another or the fact that I never had a pos ANA....well the rheumo i have now finally dug deeper(so to speak) in blood tests and finally found some rheumo factors abnormal. If it wasn't for my awesome local doc here at the univ i attend sending me to her we would prob still be playing the guessing game. I have been dealing with what i call "outbreaks" for many years, just like i said sometimes disguised, but i had a biopsy on a lesion 2 years ago that was pos but yet no one ever believed i was pos for lupus until this doc i have now that took the extra time.
Anyway, i believe i try to keep a positive attitude, I have a 7 yr old daughter that depends on me and am finishing my bachelors...yes i have bad days and it is hard to go to school, we all have those i assume. So i as we all do have a busy hectic life running around all the time when i am able. Anyway, I have other medical probs, dont know if you want to know about them now or in another forum.....let me know please and i cant wait to get to know as many of you as I can and i hope to bring a positive influence to the group. ( Although i know i will need a shoulder from time to time)...... Huggs to all.....Jen [/quote]