We are announcing a Lupus Awareness Media Campaign. We are starting a campaign to try to get some media attention for Lupus Awareness. Every week we will be picking a Television show, newspaper, magazine or radio show asking them to do stories/segments on Lupus. We will post our letters and the contact information for the media outlet we have chosen for that week. We ask all of you to write to these outlets as well.

The more letters they get, the more serious they will take us and the more likely they are to do the stories. Many of us have written these emails before, but if we coordinate so that they get hundreds of letters in the same week, maybe they will pay attention! You can write one letter and save it on your computer and send the same one to each media outlet. Or, you can do what we will be doing and have a basic letter that you can customize to each show, etc.

New picks will be posted every Friday. To see the picks or have them emailed to you weekly, visit http://cure4lupus.org/media_campaign.htm.