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not that im happy to see other people with this disease, I was finally DX in dec 06 after fighting with it for several years, and after a stroke in 2003, ive had to quit working as a mechanic and going to school, at 44 no one seems to want to hire and i have to be truthful about whats going on with me healthwise, with all the drugs im on, its hard sometimes to remember what i even went to school for!!, im six months in on cellcept therapy and there doesnt appear to be any change except for bp and proteins, has there been any luck out there with ssd, like ive read in other posts, it seems as tho many people out there dont understand what this is like, im not liking the reality of this disease, what do some of you do to get over the mindset???? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
I think a lot of people have it for yrs. before it's diagnosed partly maybe an even bigger part is becouse it's like so many others and it's so hard to diagnose.what kind of stroke did you have?I had a "brain steam"stroke about 12 yrs. ago.I'm currently on cellept have been for about 2-3 yrs. and if i wasnt on it I think I'd be in trouble.sorry to hear it's not working for you.