My body refuses to tolerate medications... I'm even allergic to Reaglan and have to take Domperidone instead for gastroparesis. Plaquenil and other options cause me to spew like a fountain, non stop [sorry for being gross] and the Predisone had little effect on the inflammation/edema, it almost seemed to make it much worse. The more swollen I am the more pain I have... Even with a diuretic.

The overall inflammation/edema is killing me. All my joints are loose, popping, painfull and not tracking; all the lymph nodes are swollen and screaming and my gut is just a mess. I'm miserable. The Dr. tosses his hands up because I seem to have a reaction to almost everything.

Toss in the migraines; the one rash spot that refuses to leave to matter what; the low blood pressure... Aaaaack! I'd have a fit if I had the strength.

So I did a quick google on 'natural anti-inflammatories, lupus' and a lot of stuff came up. Then I went to and entered lupus to see what they suggested...

So here is what I want to know, has anyone tried?





I think I'll go ahead and give the serrapeptase, zyflamend and MSM a try for a couple of months and see what happens... If I can tolerate it. I pray it can, 'cause I need something to work. At this point, even a little relief is better than none.