Hello, My name is Michelea. I am a 26 yr old mother of 3. I was diagnosed with Lupus in Jan of 06. I got preg in Feb of 06 and had my daughter in Oct of 06. She was 5 weeks premature. I was on several medications while preg. and threated to miscarry several times. Thank God, that she made it. My fiance' has a difficlut time understanding what I am going through. The meomry problems, the fatigue, and just the pain period. I am so fustrated with trying to explain this to him over and over. He was there when I was diagnosed, he has read all of the pamphlets, and the dr's have told him what I would be facing. But I still cant get him to understand what I am going through. If anyone else is going through this, PLEASE HELP!!!!!