I still feel like I've been left hanging from a tree branch in the wind here. I had my second visit with the rheumatologist. He is great at addressing what is irritated, hurts, etc. He is also great at telling me what "it" isn't. He did not tell me what I have, nor what I should expect, watch for, call him if I experience...I could go on but I think you get the point. He ordered yet more lab test. Labs I"m not sure why he didn't check the last time. He ordered some Cardiolipin testing. All the test he ordered the end of Januaray were neg or within normal limits. The C3&4 were normal so he said that tells him the disease is not active. My sed rate is withing normal limits again telling him the disease is not active. Does it still mean I don't have Lupus?? What I do have if fatigue (extreme), low grade temps, rash, joint pain, tendonitis, a positive ANA and an elevated single stranded DNA, over 400. All other labs, such as ena, Anti double stranded DNA, RA, RNP, Ch-50, are either negative or within normal limits. I do not have any active organ involvment at this time. Sooo, does that mean I do not have Lupus. What is this Mixed Connective Tissue Disease? The doctor merely said that I"m one of his more intresting cases. If that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, then I need a shrink for sure. If anyone has a similar situation and can help me understand this I would really appreciate it.