Hi, I'm doing some of my own research regarding my health... I'm not sure if it's lupus or not. But I figured I would get the opinions of people who live with it, since you know first-hand what lupus is all about. So here's my story....

Until I was 18 the only things I suffered from were hypoglycemia and a slight case of heart arrhythmia as well as asthma, otherwise I was in great health. I got Mono in 1996 when I was 18, as well as strep throat and a bad bladder infection at the same time. After I got "better" I noticed I wasn't really better. I'd get sick every two weeks or so. I became anemic. The ankle I had sprained when I was 16, hurt even with the shortest of walks.

I'd get these rashes after being out in the sun...but it was only on my arms where my elbow hinges, my armpits, and sometimes my neck... any place that skin touched skin and could sweat. The rashes would last at least a week. Sometimes the rashes would show in the same places if I was stressed out.

In 2000, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) when I was actually going to be tested for Hypothyroid. Two years later I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid. I have a relatively mild case of PCOS, I caught it early enough, but I do have the actual cysts.

I noticed my energy level dropping dramtically...I used to have tons of energy. Now it seems I have to "gear up" for most activities. My joints ache on a regular basis... especially my knees.

It wasn't until I got the rash across my face that I even considered Lupus. I've only gotten it bad once. But there was the hint that it was coming back but it never really got any worse.

My two cousins on my dad's side were both diagnosed with Lupus. My aunt, their mother, has had Rheumetoid Arthritis for years, but she was just recently diagnosed with Lupus, too. My dad has shown signs of possible arthritis in his knee.

Thanks for reading. Based on your knowledge, could it be lupus? I'd appreciate any input or suggestions you may have.