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    Ok, well everyone knows that most of the time with lupus one of the major symptoms is the rash. I've had a really bad rash on my face, arms, and chest for a while now. Everytime I go to the doctor I ask him about it and he doesn't seem concerned, but I read that it can lead to scarring. It's not bumpy or raised it just always looks like my face is really flushed. I hate wearing make up and now I wont leave the house or let anyone see me without it on. I would love to just be able to wake up and leave the house instead of going through the daily ritual of putting all of the stupid make up on. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. And why won't my doctor do anything about it?!?!


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    Hi, Misty. The type of rash that can lead to scarring are the discoid lesions that some lupus patients have. The flushing across the cheeks and bridge of the nose is a type of malar rash, but it will usually go away without leaving a scar if you don't have any lesions. Unfortunately the flushing tyoe of rash is very hard to treat, because using steroids ointments on this type of rash can sometimes make it worse. Sometimes the flush goes away when the underlying disease is treated (plaquenil, imuran, etc,). but for a lot of us it's an ongoing problem, so we just try to figure out cosmetic solutions that cover the rash without looking made up. A lot of people use tinted sunscreens, others use the Bare Minerals line of powders. Other people have tried various skin lotions - like the products used for rosacea - with mixed results. You might try talking to your dermatologist to see what products he can recommend, but this is a situation where most rheumatologists don't have much to offer.

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