After the whole thing on Friday - refusing medical care and refusing to be admitted to the hospital.....

I called and talked to the nursing supervisor of my mom's area today only to find out that she has been getting off the dialysis machine anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours early. You figure, our kidneys work for 168 hours a week - cleaning our blood and getting rid of fluids. A person on dialysis gets 12 hours a week of cleaning and cut out 4 hours of that - YIKES!

So with her decision definately not being in her best interest or the best interest of her health, I'm starting to look into guardianship. That's the only way I can decide what is medically best for her. It sounds like it's not a fun process and it looks like it's one that could really hurt her. I'd have to have her declared incompetent unless she agrees to the guardianship. If she doesn't agree, then it's very much like a trial with lawyers and witnesses.

I talked to her and she said that she doesn't want to give up and that she's still fighting all of things that are wrong with her, but the decisions she's making say different. I want to make sure that her wishes are adhered to, but if her actions are different then what she's telling me, then I'm at a loss.