I just had the worst doctor's appointment with a "world known, published" rhuemetologist. He told me that my blood/urine tests show that I don't have active Lupus despite a 320 ANA w/ rim pattern, Arthritis, blood disorders, mouth sores, unexplained fevers, extreme fatigue and butterfly rashes......and then he said that the blood disorder may explain the ANA test but would only cause the other symptoms if it was Lupus related. I asked him if that meant I had inactive Lupus, he then shrugged his shoulders and walked out saying "Thanks for coming in". He refused to discuss any of my other symptoms. My arthritis is getting so bad that my primary has been giving me shots of novacaine, cortasone and prednisone in my hips and back, but he wouldn't discuss it. He told me to take Tylenol!
I'm NOT a hypercondriac and I have record of my symptoms being diagnosed and treated. It's not that I WANT a diagnosis of LUPUS, but I want some answers on WHY I feel so bad and what I can do. I'm frustrated, angry and depressed......Does anyone know of a doctor in Virginia that they would recommend? I emailed the Lupus foundation for VA and they recommended the group I went to....the Dr I saw was the only one taking new patients. Now I know why. Can anyone help me?