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    Hi from sunny Florida - I just moved from Penna. 2 months ago; and judging by the snowstorm over weekend, glad I moved. I have a daughter here but mostly I moved because I have had Lupus for 13 years and did not do well in the cold weather up north; I wanted to see if I will do better in South. I have never been in a group like this, but I'm really happy to meet others with the same problems of autoimmune disease. I believe no one really understands unless they have experienced this. And I'm looking forward to talking with you all. I will try to catch on quickly here, but computers do not appear to be my forte'. Something about an old dog and new tricks...

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    Hello Grammy;
    Welcome to our forum. I hope that you do find this a place where you can talk about anything, ask about anything and get support for everything!! :lol:
    I am originally from PA (Pittsburgh). I left at a very young age though. I do not remember much! Most of my maternal family is still in PA. I miss the snow, but I am sure that I miss only my childhood memories of snow. With Lupus, I know that I would not enjoy it very much any more.
    I hope that Florida proves to be much better for your health! I am sure that the warmth will help a lot of your aches and pains. Just be very careful about how much you are exposed to the sun.
    Once again, welcome to our Forum
    Peace and Blessings

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    Default welcome

    Hey Grammy welcome. I am too living in a warmer climate which helps my lupus. We moved from freezing cold Britain to the sunny shores of Australia and I must say I'm a lot better.

    You will find a lot of kind sincere people here who give heaps of support, so keep posting .

    Look forward to seeing you around. Take care Grammy and christmas blessings from our family to yours.


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