There are two studies that are being conducted right now that I have participated in and I thought some of you with SLE may be interested in participating also. You can participate in both studies no matter where you live in the US for sure, not sure about out of the country. All you have to do is fill out some paperwork and they send you a kit to take to your local lab and have some blood drawn. Both studies are totally free to participate in, they pay for all lab work and postage.

The first one is conducted by the University of Minnesota. They are studying the genetics of SLE. They are trying to identify and understand the genetic factors that contribute to SLE. For more info about the study visit: to enroll in the study visit: .

The second is the The Lupus Multiplex Registry and Repository (LMRR). This is a long term research project sponsored by NIAMS a branch of the National Institues of Health (NIH). The information collected is used to:

Identify the genes involved in the development of lupus,
Determine these genes' role(s) in disease activity,
Study various aspects of the disease (such as autoantibodies),
Develop better treatment for patients who suffer from this serious illness &
One day, find a cure or method of disease prevention.
This study pays a small fee for your time, I think it was $30. To read more about this research project visit: to fill out the online interview visit: .

I hope some of you will consider participation in these studies. The more we learn about what causes Lupus the faster we can find a cure!