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Thread: New option for fibromyalgia pain?

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    Default New option for fibromyalgia pain?

    I ran across this article from the Arthritis Foundation - since so many lupus patients suffer from fibro, maybe this is something to discuss with your doctor.

    Pregabalin Offers Pain Relief Option For Fibromyalgia in Long Term Study

    The drug pregabalin, used to treat nerve pain or seizures, has shown promise in offering extended pain relief for those with fibromyalgia, researchers found. They presented their study at the American College of Rheumatology Annual Scientific Meeting on November 14, 2006 in Washington, DC.

    More than 1,000 people with fibromyalgia participated in the initial six-week receiving 300-, 450- or 600-mg daily doses of pregabalin to determine the optimal dosage for pain control with minimum side effects. The participants were 93 percent female, 88 percent white, and their average pain severity measured a 78 of 100.

    After the six weeks, 663 participants (63 percent) reported being “much” or “very much” improved, with more than a 50 percent reduction in pain. Of these 663 responders, 556 were randomized and placed in a 26-week double-blind study with 279 receiving pregabalin at their optimal dosage and 278 receiving a placebo. The primary goal was to determine how long the therapeutic response lasted.

    At the end of the double-blind study, 61 percent of patients receiving placebo had lost response compared to 32 percent of patients taking pregablin. The most common side effects of pregablin were dizziness, sleepiness, sinusitis, joint pain and anxiety.

    "Fibromyalgia is a common and often debilitating pain syndrome," explains Leslie J. Crofford, MD, Gloria W. Singletary Professor of Rheumatology & Women's Health, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, and an investigator in the study. "The results of this six-month study indicate pregabalin has a significant benefit in terms of longer-term pain relief for these patients."

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    Thx Marycain :lol:
    As usual, you are always right on time with information.

    Thank You!!


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