Hi Missy 
Hydrazines and amines both occur naturally in sprouts, legumes and mushrooms (pooh). But, these chemicals can cause symptoms if eaten in large amounts. Generally, we eat sprouts and legumes in large amounts....I love mushrooms, but only eat one large mushroom and only about 1-2 times per year!!!
Chemicals in our food supply can occur naturally or can be introduced by man. Some naturally occurring chemical components of fruits and vegetables may be toxic. They serve as defense
mechanisms against herbivorous animals, insects, bacteria and fungi. Natural chemicals can also occur as contaminants of foods, such as the toxins of microorganisms (i.e. aflatoxins).
Man-made chemicals can become part of our food supply from a number of sources: pesticides and fertilizers, chemicals that are produced during processing and/or added (i.e. additives) and
chemicals that leach from food-packaging materials. The man made chemicals become part of foods as a result of our efforts to provide consumers with a year-round supply of quality foods.
The issue is, I guess, moderation!! Since we cannot avoid chemicals in our foods, we should pay close attention to what foods we eat. However, everything that I have read has stated that the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables outwheigh the effects of natural chemicals in those foods. SO, You are pretty safe eating organic fruits and vegetables, even though they have natural chemicals. Just, be smart about how much and which ones you eat!!

Peace and Blessings