They have figured out that my mom's carbon dioxide levels are high and this is what has been causing a great deal of the confusion issues lately.

they did a bedside swallow test and said that they think she is aspirating when she's eating and drinking. So today, they are going to do a barium swallow test to see. They feel this might be contributing to the pneumonia and why it's not getting better.

Something else they are going to do, is a broncoscopy (sp?) - where they go down in your lungs with a camera to see what's going on. They think that her Lupus maybe effecting her lungs.

I'm not a genious, but if the Lupus is in her lungs and keeping them from functioning properly (getting rid of the CO2 in her body), and the Sjoegren's has started to effect her swallowing....

Right now they have her on a BiPap machine to remove the CO2 as she breathes and she was a lot less confused yesterday, but when they took it off so we could talk and visit, she got a headache and got more confused the longer she was off of it.

I hate this and I hate the decisions that I fear are coming.